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...comes from Michael Anderle's 'Kurtherian Gambit' series. And while it's like the best chips so you can't stop snacking on, this post isn't about the series but about the major Event on Earth.
WWDE stands for World's Worst Day Ever. The Apocalypse. One that is probably the most probable, though Anderle's the 1st writer I've seen to use the method, though I've actually seen the Event's causation mentioned off-n-on online and hardcopy news that tend toward hard sciences.
On Anderle's Earth, various powers had written into the chips they put into their products containing software that would, given the right signal "kill" the product. In one of the "Queen Bitch" books, reporters question a "Green" politico that got kickbacks from one of those powers. The reporters pointed out that replacing an American power plant with Solar from this country meant they could shut off that Power....or even Blackmail by simply threatening. And just like our world, the subject was too "Science-y" and was ignored. As to be expected, everyone who had written this kind of software also had written so that the moment a signal that someone else started, they'd activate THEIRS. In this world, our present civilization was over in MINUTES.
I'm not worried about Global Nuclear War. The PRESENT skirmishes are in Cyberspace as will be the next WW. At least it'll be easier on the environment....

Demilitarized Zone;>....

Sep. 15th, 2017 01:22 pm
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When Dad died, we got his car. Much nicer than our old one with one exception. He was a proud Army Pilot Vet and the car declared that from front to back. Unlike my older brother, I'm not "tickled" when someone salutes me or thanks me for my Service. So, I ordered a few things to personalize and while waiting for them to arrive...I stripped it of all it's military stickers and such.
Compared to what was there before there's not much but I'm a bit more quiet than my Dad. On the rear window where 3 stickers were a single Heathen Fish is attached. Where once a Proud Army Pilot vanity plate stood a Celtic Tree of Life does. Add in the Rune Ring I hung from the mirror before I drove it and it's now fully OURS.


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