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You know life is returning to normal when I both have time to watch and to report on Anime;>.....
In this Universe witches go off to live on their own on their 15th b-day. Makoto, however, has "helicopter parents" and so has been moved to relatives in the country....delivering shocks to them and their neighbors(all the while supposedly keeping her "witchiness" undercover. Sort of a much sweeter 'Sabrina, the teen-aged Witch' using Japanese mythology. The most amusing bits in the earliest episodes are those with her youngest relation who DEFITELY is not blasé about the odd beings showing up at their front door;>...
A good series for me at present.
BTW: I must warn you that the themesong is pretty much an automatic "earworm";>

Mostly Normal.....

Jul. 23rd, 2017 01:55 pm
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soon. This weekend we spent basically trading our old furniture with that the folks had that was in better shape. What's now left in the house the Estate folks will go through and pull that which they can sell and the rest goes to Goodwill. Then all will be left is the Cleaning and Painting.
Hopefully, starting tomorrow we can begin to get things back into some sense of Order. Tuesday I go in for my labs and one of the 1st things I'll have to do is remind my MD of what happened because Stress is BAD for folks with both hiv/aids and Diabetes so any negative labs should be seen through those lenses;>.
Other than some of the furniture all we wanted were some things of sentimental value; some family dinnerwear and some stuff Mom and Grandma Jefferson picked up during MacArthur's Occupation of Japan. Stuff that, quite honestly would not be that interesting to locals.


Jul. 13th, 2017 09:37 am
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To add to the craziness my SIL's decided an Evil Spirit has moved into Dad's house(I've been in it for a week before Dawn and haven't Felt a thing)and is having some newage "shaman" do an Exorcism. She wanted us to be smudged but I told her we didn't "do" other people's tech. Even if there was something, our usual Protections could take care of it....if there was anything. She's blaming this spirit for my brother's Stress, not his OCD and Atheism(he basically feels the folks no longer exist ANYWHERE and of course two weeks of "Not Routine" activities for an OCD patient couldn't possibly acct for stressing him out).
As if I weren't already running on empty. Yesterday on the way home from Dad's I left the lights on and the car has a dead battery. Luckily, Chris'll be home tomorrow and can give me a jump then....


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